And the winners are …

Today the Swiss Federal Office of Culture announced this year’s winners of the Swiss Art Awards, Switzerland’s most acclaimed art competition. The awards annually honour outstanding positions in contemporary art, architecture as well as mediation.

The works of the laureates and of all shortlisted participants of the Swiss Art Competition are on view in the Swiss Art Awards 2018 presentation, conceived by Léa Fluck. The exhibition space opens tonight, June 11 at 7pm, and will mark the beginning of a dense art week in Basel.

Swiss Art Awards 2018 laureates

Camille Alena (*1986, works in London)
Nicolas Cilins (*1985, works in Geneva)
Nelly Haliti (*1987, works in Geneva)
Sarah Margnetti (*1983, works in Switzerland and Brussels)
Marius Margot (*1989, works in Geneva)
Real Madrid (founded in 2015, work in Geneva)
Rico Scagliola & Michael Meier (*1985 / *1982, work in Zurich)
Bertold Stallmach (*1984, works in Zurich)
Markus Weggenmann (*1953, works in Zurich)

TEN (founded in 2015, work in Zurich)

Critique, Publishing, Exhibition
Nicolas Brulhart & Sylvain Menétrey (*1983 / *1979, work in Bern, Geneva and Lausanne)

The Swiss Art Awards are part of Switzerland’s oldest and most renowned art competition—the Schweizer Kunstwettbewerb (Swiss Art Competition). Organised annually by the Swiss Federal Office of Culture since 1899, the exhibition offers insight into the current world of art and architecture in Switzerland, and acts as a valuable index for art professionals and art lovers alike. Each of the awards carries a 25,000 CHF prize.


Camille Alena, photo: Guadalupe Ruiz, BAK


Nicolas Cilins, photo: Guadalupe Ruiz, BAK


Nelly Haliti, photo: Guadalupe Ruiz, BAK


Sarah Margnetti, photo: Guadalupe Ruiz, BAK


Marius Margot, photo: Guadalupe Ruiz, BAK


Real Madrid, photo: Guadalupe Ruiz, BAK


Rico Scagiola & Michael Meier, photo: Guadalupe Ruiz, BAK


Bertold Stallmach, photo: Guadalupe Ruiz, BAK


Markus Weggenmann, photo: Guadalupe Ruiz, BAK



TEN, photo: Guadalupe Ruiz, BAK



Nicolas Brulhart & Sylvain Ménetrey, photo: Guadalupe Ruiz, BAK