Sabrina Röthlisberger

I swallowed you to protect me
Neon rouge
25 × 60 cm
3 photographies, James Bantone-Momba
120 × 80 cm
3 boîtes en plexiglass gravées
130 × 90 × 8 cm
50 boîtes d’allumettes/cartes de visite


Sabrina Röthlisberger is a visual artist who
creates narratives that commit her to tell
a poetic story of a society beset by silent
violence. She looks at the otherness of
memory to unveil the links between power,
fascination and art. Her work often
combines references to the history of
painting—design and as well allusions to
her own history and social identity.
“I am not passing judgement on the world
of prostitution, I am simply recalling a
personal experience that I have had at a
young age.”