Samuel Schellenberg

Samuel Schellenberg first put his pen to work for Le Courrier in Geneva in 2004, after studying art history at the University of Lausanne. Now head of the cultural section of the newspaper – the only independent daily in the Lake Geneva area – he has established himself as a committed figure in cultural journalism. Essential given the risk of unilateralism but in the process of disappearing from the generalist press, art criticism nurtures a debate that opens up culture while recognising its social and political value.
In honouring Samuel Schellenberg for his work, the Federal Art Commission emphasises that he “has succeeded, through his investigations, in highlighting trends and issues in society that are reflected in art”. With uncompromising resolve, Schellenberg the critic tackles both regional and international subjects and not only covers current artistic events but also conducts in-depth investigations, fearlessly taking on institutions and prominent personalities in the process. Cultivating an interest in subjects that are often neglected by the media, he regularly examines cultural policy issues, publishing in-depth articles on topics such as artists’ remuneration, gender equality in the cultural world, and the artistic training and professional strategies of young artists who are often little known to the public at large. By giving visibility to less-known areas of creativity such as independent art spaces and approaching his subjects from a thematic rather than an anecdotal angle, Samuel Schellenberg enables his readers to discover a rich and diverse artistic community and at the same time encourages that community to reflect critically on itself.