2022, grillovasiu

The installation “Moving is Allowed” consists of a steel structure. Bending, folding and wrapping steel sheeting in on itself transformed it from a 2D single plane into a rigid 3D object, hence, into a space. This sculptural pavilion rests on the ground at its lowest point then curves up- and backwards, before sweeping forwards in a way such as to provide shelter for visitors. The structure is in fact held in balance by a very few elements, which makes it easily adaptable to a variety of situations and uses. The roof is stabilized both by counterweights and by an element that serves also as seating and thus makes the structure truly a space for public gathering and other social activities.The form of the installation clearly speaks of the effort involved in taking a lean and structurally non-intuitive approach to constructing space.

The materials and means deployed evince a conscious concern with mobility, and not merely in terms of the trend towards conceiving of architecture as a machine with a limited life span, but also in the concrete, practical sense: an object that can be effectively moved, assembled, taken apart and transformed. The installation represents a primitive way to exhibit a space. The purpose of the object is to defined in terms of the conventional functions that we ascribe to a space. The archetypal elements of an interior, such as walls, ceilings, windows and doors, are expressed here by the single plane.

Faced with the question of whether to install the structure inside or outside, we opted for the latter; for this also provoked us to consider a new lease of life for the object after the Swiss Art Awards event. Given that the pavilion is made of stainless steel and, as a standalone object, no longer depends on a host space, we will be able to find a new public role for it.

The aim of the project is to not only evaluate the effectiveness of lightweight building methods, but also to spark discussion and debate about how the use of expressive spaces can contribute to our collective.