Frédéric Gabioud

The painter Frédéric Gabioud, who received a Fondation Leenards scholarship in 2017, investigates painting as a desincarnate holder of meaning. His new series of paintings will base on industrial production processes, emphasizing the abstract qualities of his large-scale works.

His works have been included in the groupshows All Over, curated by Samuel Gross at Galerie des galeries, Paris, and Work Hard, a selection by Valentin Carron for the Swiss Institute, New York. Espace Quark in Geneva held a solo show of his works in 2015. Holder of a BA from the ÉCAL, Frédéric Gabioud is also co-founder of the independant art space Silicon Malley, together with Grégoire Bolay, Julien Fischer, Arthur Fouray, Paul Limoujoux, Baker Wardlaw.


SAA: Would you tell us something about the artwork you will present at the Swiss Art Awards 2018?

FG: It’s all about folding & unfolding. A mesh is always a good place to start.

SAA: Is there a place (in and out of Switzerland) that inspires your work?

FG: I’m inspired by places that feel like home for no specific reasons. It’s actually more a state of mind than a specific place.

SAA: In the future, looking back: What will art history write about you?

FG: Painting is hard to kill.

SAA: What is the mark you want to leave behind?

FG: 200 microns is enough to cover everything up.