Gabriele Garavaglia

The interventions of Gabriele Garavaglia often introduce a break, a moment of horror into the most common and daily spaces. A snake in a toilet, a hooded character that has fallen asleep on a table in a cafeteria. Following that first impression, by introducing elements borrowed from subculture, urban folklore or youth culture, a feeling of organised resistance and a state of disquiet emerges. “I’m interested in the topic of vulnerability, the strategy of manipulation and the presence/use/measure of violence to which we are exposed in daily life” explains Garavaglia, who studied architecture at Bartlett School of Architecture, London, and at the Polytechnic University of Milan. He attended the fine art master program at ECAL in lausanne.
His work has been shown at CCA Kitakyushu (Japan), Viafarini (Milano), Fondazione Spinola Banna (Torino), DEPO (Istanbul), SOMA (Mexico City), Two Hotel (Bahia), New Museum + Luma Arles (France).


SAA: Would you tell us something about the artwork you will present at the Swiss Art Awards 2018?

GG: I will present a new piece following the research developed over the last year, adapted to address the context and setting of the Swiss Art Awards.

SAA: Which worlds does your work involve, address, and how?

GG: I observe the interaction between normcore situations and paranormal activity as one organic thing. That relationship sometimes appears without prompting –‘ready to be watched’ – other times I provoke it by injection of extra elements. I boost existing environments to try and generate something of a ‘temporary hyper context’ (THC).

SAA: If you could work with a specialist, from which field would that be and on what kind of project?

GG: Collaboration is central to my practice. I am often pooling diverse systems of knowledge and unlikely production techniques together. I would be most interested in working with a crew of stuntmen and women, who I see as the embodiment of ‘special effects’ and ‘expanded possibility’ within real space and time narration.

SAA: Is there a place (in and out of Switzerland) that inspires your work?

GG: Every place. The more common the better it is.

SAA: What is the mark you want to leave behind?

GG: Inner resistance.