Gil Pellaton

Since some years now, Gil Pellaton left the space of painting he developped after graduating as a graphic designer from  the Visual art School of Bienne, receiving 2010 the Kiefer Hablitzel Award. Getting his Masters in Fine arts at the FHNW Basel, he now explores sculpture, video and installation. Yet this shift happened without the artist leaving poetry.
The poetry of Gil Pellaton displays itself now to our five senses. The artist distills his stories through material compositions, embeds them in scents, masks and matter like tiger balm, coriander, casted aluminium and expoxy. Gil Pellaton describes himself as: “interested in non-logical non-hierarchical non-moralistic magic poetico-positive narratives. He is presently a smiling dog”, and opens a space that feels disarmingly free, inviting the viewer to play with language and senses. Often the strong contrast between the titles and the objects lead to very fine tuned observations of the everyday life tristesse and simultaneously offers themselves as immediate antidote.
Gil Pellaton set up his stories in the exhibitions The Journeywoman, with Cassidy Toner,  2017, in Panorama Boa vista, Porto and India Ninja at Standard-Deluxe, 2016, Lausanne. Groupshow participations include 2017 Wir heissen euch hoffen, Kunsthaus Baselland, Basel, ans 2016 Throwing Balls in the Air, Academiae 2016, Youth art biennale, Fortessa IT, X, with Nicola Genovese and Sisters From Another Mister, Sonnenstube, Lugano and Nouvelles Vagues, Villa Bernasconi, Geneva.

SAA: Would you tell us something about the artwork you will present at the Swiss Art Awards 2018?

GP: The work I will present is an autonomous character, that could play in a sort of picaresque novel, crossing the world in a contagious way. The story has no scenario, it stays very open… there is a lot of magic also.

SAA: If you could work with a specialist, from which field would that be and on what kind of project?

GP: I would spend some time hanging out with Gourdoulou, he is a specialist in confusing everything that exists. Gourdoulou acts as squire to Agilulf in the novel The Nonexistent Knight written by Italo Calvino.

He lives in a world where things have no fixed place. In the story he is also called Goudi-Youzouf, or Ben-Cava-Youzouf, or Ben-Stamboul, or Pestanzoust, or Bertinzoust, or Martinbon, or Gars-Bon, or Gars-Beste, or Martinzoust.

SAA: Is there a place that inspires your work?

GP: le creux de glace is a 40 meters deep cave in the Jura Mountains where the ice persists all over the year. It doesn’t directly inspire my work, but it is a nice place. It was used to stock butter and cheese.
We should have a picnic there this summer.