Florence Jung

The artist Florence Jung isn’t present. Her work remains undocumented and her face unshown. Her interventions, which are set in public or semi-public spaces, seek to involve the audience and are at times incalculable. They will become known only by word-of-mouth communication, thereby blurring the boundaries between work and viewer and making it a genuine part of the works themselves.
She will be part of the exhibition “Ungestalt” at Kunsthalle Basel, which will open on May 18.

SAA: What fosters art?

FJ: Its a kebble.

SAA: Who is supporting you?

FJ: 110 kebbles make a lithnitch.

SAA: Does financial support expand creativity?

FJ: 270 lithnichs make a matta.

SAA: Must art be sellable?

FJ: I quit.

SAA: Should art belong to the private or public and why?

FJ: Theng you vedy much.