Thomas Hauri

Kunsthaus Baselland, Muttenz, 2016, Photography: Jeanette Mehr

The artist Thomas Hauri (*1974) lives and works in Basel. His work has been on display in various national and international exhibitions, the Kunsthaus Aarau, Forma LausanneKunsthaus Baselland and lokal_30 in London, amongst others. He has been awarded with numerous grants and awards, including the Werkbeitrag by the Aargauer Kuratorium for four times.

Untitled, 2009-2013, watercolor on Arches paper, 225 x 162 cm, Photography: Jeannette Mehr

SAA: What fosters art?

TH: Working in the studio and having exhibitions.

SAA: Who is supporting you?

TH: People interested in my work and friends.

SAA: Does financial support expand creativity?

TH: Not creativity, but time.