Jessica Pooch


SAA: Describe your work in five words.

JP: I don’t jump through hoops.

SAA: Why did you apply and what will you do, if you win the Schweizer Kunstpreis?

JP: For me art is a form of communication and without an audience my kind of art doesn’t exist. If I win the Schweizer Kunstpreis, I will invest it in my work.

SAA: What is your favorite work of art?

JP: Recently, I discovered the work of Ree Morton. I like the way she deals with her environment and daily space. Her use of language and its symbolic meaning interests me in particular.

SAA: Where do you come from, where are you now, where are you going?

JP: I was born in Stuttgart and moved to Berlin at the age of three. After school, I moved to New York and then decided to study photography in Zurich. If things work out, I will spend 2015 in the Netherlands.
Works of Jessica Pooch, a Swiss Art Awards participant this year in the Art section, will be featured in an exhibition at Herrmann Germann Contemporary.  The show is the first in a series titled “Fair Shake of the Whip,” which brings together and juxtaposes the works of artists with similar starting points in their artistic practice.  The linking element between the work of Pooch and the other artists in the show—Erika Hock and Veronika Spierenburg—is an awareness and engagement with a body’s relation to sculpture and architecture.  These objects not only make us observers, but participants; the work must be activated and completed by the viewer. Pooch’s work deals with the environment in a sociological lens—how we interact with an object in space, how that reflects our conceived identities and how the interaction itself liberates the object from its everyday, accepted use.
Herrmann Germann Contemporary
Stationsstrasse 1
8003 Zürich