Le Foyer (Gioia Dal Molin & Anna Francke)

Le Foyer, Catherine Biocca

In the spirit of the term ‘foyer’ – describing an antechamber or a lobby, as well as a focal point or a point of divergence – the discussion and exhibition platform Le Foyer, founded in 2011, pursues discursive art mediation that enables informal discourse based on conversation and exchange. As artists select an interest or a private passion as topic of discussion and then talk about it in public with a guest of their choice, peripheral areas of artistic practice come into focus. These are the foundations of the discussions as well as the starting points for exhibition projects. Le Foyer is led by Gioia Dal Molin and Anna Francke.

Le Foyer, Lena Maria Thüring

SAA: What fosters art?

LF: Art needs space. Physical work space and rooms for thinking, experimenting and creating. Space to foster and nurture ideas without necessarily chasing a result or specific task.

SAA: Who is supporting you?

LF: Our curatorial practice is collaborative and based on dialogue. The core strategy within the Le Foyer talks is to involve external thinkers. We generally aim to team up when and wherever possible. These collaborations open up new ways of thinking and working, support our visions and motivate us for further conversation, exhibition and publication projects. The designer Julie Joliat and the architect Martin Matter have supported us since the foundation of Le Foyer in 2011. Recent collaborations include Laura Breitschmid and Eva-Maria from sic! Raum für Kunst, Lucerne, and Georg Rutishauser from edition fink, Zürich. Not to forget all the artists and visitors!

SAA: Does financial support expand creativity?

LF: Financial support certainly helps to create the discussed space for thought. It takes some pressure off the process and it allows us (and our artists) to come up with free ideas and hence enables the realization of projects. But at the core, financial support is essential when it comes down to covering room rent and fees for artists and guests.