Madeleine Amsler & Marie-eve Knoerle

Battlefield #120, 2016, Jerôme Leuba, Photographie: Emmanuelle Bayart

The project .perf was founded in 2012 by Madeleine Amsler and Marie-Eve Knoerle. .perf is a performance platform and a structure of production. Their latest project Walk on the Public Site included eleven performances and took place from August to December 2016. The interventions were aimed to create a relation between the artists and the audience in an unexpected environment in order to open new perspectives.

Real Time, 2016, Gianni Motti, Photographie: Emmanuelle Bayart

SAA: What fosters art?

MA&MEK: For example, the will to see the world as a multifaceted place.

SAA: Does financial support expand creativity?

MA&MEK: Without doubt, financial support can help artists to concentrate on creation more intensively and most productions need money. All this can be exponential, but the notion of creativity is of course on another level, depending on undefined factors.

Dossier n°560, 2016. Julie Sas, Photographie: Emmanuelle Bayart

SAA: Must art be sellable?MA&MEK: Not necessarily. In the case of performance, an immaterial art by nature, it raises questions about how such a form can or wants to be reproduced or made material in order to be sold. What kind of document or protocol is to be sold, as opposed to by-products of performances such as photographs or props? Also, what would be the reasons for someone possessing an immaterial piece?

SAA: Should art belong to the private or public and why?

MA&MEK: Art should be accessible, at least visible, not only for a privileged group of people who own it. There should be no differences between living art and art that has been integrated into a private or public collection in terms of circulation. However, some forms of art are meant to be reactivated at certain moments and some to be hung permanently or temporarily in private/public contexts.