Marie Matusz

1. The Darkest Moment Of The Night Is At The Same Time The Closest To The Day, 2019 Edition of 4 sculptures in ashes and concrete, iridescent glass LED lamp, Theta wave and sufi sound 30x37x28 cm
2. The world wants to be deceived therefore deceive it, 2019 Aluminum, neoprene, cardboard, fabric 96 x 64 x 6 cm
3. The future is already sold, 2019 Aluminium casting, safety glass, grid, cables, metal chain3 Elements – each 30x30x20cm Installation dimensions variable
4. The Ego Tunnel, 2019 Plexiglass, Love Letter 50 x 38 cm
5. Building A Coming Past, 2019 Aluminium raft, iron cables, bichromatic fabric, ceramic, glass 100 x 60 cm

Courtesy of the artist.