Marie Matusz

The installation Singular Service has a captivating elegance, formal clarity and pictorial presence: this is image in the sense of idea and real pictoriality. Is this service singular because it is the only one or because it is a one-off? A sophisticated mirroring of the individual elements opens up new avenues of thought. The gleaming steel of the autopsy tables meets the opaque glass of the rectangular cuboid reminiscent of a sarcophagus, in which we can make out a face with three eyes, two noses and one mouth. The surface of one table reflects the underside of the other. A black plastic chair offers a mise en abyme response to the table construction. The abandoned ping-pong bats point us towards the chair and thus the absence of human beings. And yet a human being is present, as the observer’s reflection in the gleaming surfaces. Et in Arcadia ego: even in Arcadia I am here; or death is in Arcadia too.