Mitchell Anderson

Mitchell Anderson uses multiple strategies to create objects that confront the viewer with economical or social realities, often obfuscated in the everyday life, e. g. street vendor selling tables become a series of sculptures. The wit in his objects comes from his displaced pragmatism, exposing an economy of means normally associated with those doomed to survive in neoliberal economies.

For his 2017 solo show at Fri-Art, Anderson presented objects that he and other participants of a state sponsored programme against unemployment had created. Andersen bought all objects – the proceeds were donated to the programme – and exhibited them in the exhibition as mountain winds.

Since 2014 Mitchell Anderson runs the independent art space Plymouth Rock in Z├╝rich.

SAA: Which worlds does your work involve, address, and how?

MWA: The worlds I live in and the worlds others live in, and I glimpse obliquely.

SAA: Is there a place (in and out of Switzerland) that inspires your work?

MWA: Touristic centers of the world. A lot of clarity can be found when you see someone on vacation.

SAA: What is the mark you want to leave behind?

MWA: As little as possible on this already heavily graffitied earth.