Ramaya Tegegne

1. Genzkens/Wilsons, 2019 Five Nefertiti busts’ replica, paint, sunglassesFrom I is we, we is them, them is us, us is I, I is you and you is I, Istituto Svizzero,Milano, 2019
2. Business Hours Kimberly Klark, 2018 Business hours signFrom Age of Trash Triumphant, Kimberly Klark, New York, 2018
3. AC2Ks, 2019 Table, office chairs, coffee machine, inkjet prints, wooden framesFrom Regrouping, Kevin Space, Vienna, 2019
4. Shermans, 2018 White towel, Saran wrap dispenser half yellow half red, ketchup and mustardsqueeze dispenser yellow and red, 2 condoms yellow and red, ketchup and mustardpackets, ‘wipe and dry’ yellow and red, twizzle sticks yellow and red, hot dog roll,plastic hot dog, 2 keys linked with their tops rubber-encased in yellow and red, table From Welcome To My Rectangle, VIS, Hamburg, 2018
5. Material/Bechdels, 2019 Printed plastic bags, edition of 500 distributed by the shops on Volkertplatz.From Regrouping, Kevin Space, Vienna, 2019

Courtesy of the artist.