Ramaya Tegegne

Ramaya Tegegne is a Geneva-based artist who often involves herself and others in research on artistic communities, collectiveness, cooperation, and gossip. Her projects are motivated by a need to reflect on the economics, distribution and circulation of practices through the artworks, lives and narratives which make and unmake art history. Her work, although it seeks to understand art from the inside, acts as an indicator of the intentions and structures that drive it.
Her latest artists’ books Bzzz Bzzz Bzzz and Ménage à Trois, her last solo exhibitions at First Continent in Baltimore, Fri Art Kunsthalle in Fribourg and Marbriers 4 in Geneva, as well as her performances, explored those notions. Ramaya Tegegne has also been co-director of the art space Forde in Geneva (2014-2016) and is co-founder of the curatorial project and bookshop Oraibi + Beckbooks in Geneva. In 2017, she launched the campaign Wages For Wages Against for the systematic payment of artist fees by Swiss institutions.