Real Madrid

Real Madrid is an artist collective founded in Geneva in 2015 by Bianca Benenti Oriol and Marco Pezzotta. They completed their studies in KHB Weißensee Berlin, HEAD Geneva and Brera Academy of Fine Art Milan.
Real Madrid create environments focused on sexual development, queer identity and collective conditions. While their delicate objects often refer or include chemical products (drugs, hormones) and borrow forms from various pop cultures, the collective also has a textual practice which includes working with poets and writers. Their writings actively support and produce a narrative that focuses on “mutual relationships, development of multiple identities and gender trouble”, including an intriguing reflection on contemporary masculinity.
Real Madrid has exhibited in 2016/17 at O’Artoteca (Milan), Forde (Geneva), and Espace Arlaud for Les Urbaines (Lausanne). In summer 2017 the collective collaborated with the LGBTIQ community members of Casa8, Sao Paulo in the context of a Goethe Institut residency. Real Madrid was nominated finalist for the Fondation BNP Paris Art Award 2017.


SAA: Which worlds does your work involve, address, and how?

RM: We read mediterraneity through a filter of sexually transmitted diseases: both place you in a specific position in the world. You could see our work as a caprese salad dressed with the extra virginity of olive oil caring for your immunity.

Daltonic eyes mix red and green, we take this middle area as das Mittelmeer healthy diet, and family, hospitality. Red tomatoes, white mozzarella blood cells.

SAA: Is there a place (in and out of Switzerland) that inspires your work?

RM: In the pasts there have been some topical places. A sauna club in greece with an LED display encouraging visitors to “to have fun, and think positive (blink) positive (blink further)”. Also a gay bar in San Antonio where a poster invited me and the other clients to get a Virus vodka: “Ask your bartender for the cure”.
Every room of an adolescent when puberty starts kicking.