Sam Porritt

1- Lying in Wait 2019 Brush and Ink on Paper, 65 x80cm
2- Citadel 2019, Cardboard, Canvas, Gesso, HumanHair, Light Fittings, Sand, Wax Crayon 200 x 70 x 7cm,Installation view, DAMA, Turin, IT
3- Help 2019, Brush, Ink and Wax Crayon on Paper29.7 x 21cm
4- Vevey Positive 2017, 2017 – 2018, two typefacesdesigned by Clemens Piontek, the typefaces wereexpressly designed to make texts written in themappear more positive. They were commissioned for theexhibition Vevey Positive at INDIANA, Vevey and it is freeto download.
5- Projection 2018, Ink, Overhead Projector,Plastic, Transparent Foil, Vacuum FormedTopographical Map of Lake Léman, Velcro, DimensionsVariable, Installation View at INDIANA, Vevey, CH

Courtesy of the artist.