Tanja Roscic

Untitled (from the Gloria series) 2012. Acrylic, pencil, paper on paper and canvas 30,5 x 25 x 3,5 cm

“With her sculptures, drawings, collages and installations, Tanja Roscic investigates strategies of individual and collective identity. Her collages often show masks created cutting out faces and figures from magazines, which are then layered, reworked, transformed into new auratic presences. […] Roscic’s works communicate force as well as sensitivity, and often refer to alchemical symbols, reflecting the concept of transformation from one material to another. Yet in spite of their symbolism and the ironic reflections about the media, the works remain reserved, delicate.” Introduction to the exhibition “Black Kisses”, Milano, 2014.

Tanja Roscic holds a BA in Fine Arts, ZhdK, and a BA in Art History and Cinematography from University of Zürich. She mainly works with painting and collages, although her exhibitions have a strong installative character. Solo shows include “Carpet”, at Gysin Studio, Zurich, “Rose Colored Corner”, Freymond-Guth Fine Arts, Zurich, 2014. She was also part of the show “Inhabitations: Phantasms of the Body in Contemporary Art” at the Aargauer Kunsthaus 2015. Lately Roscic designed the environment for Claudia Bertini’s Pop-Up show.