Tiphanie Kim Mall

Fri Art, Kunsthalle Fribourg
Petites-Rames 22
1701 Fribourg

At Fri Art in Fribourg, Tiphanie Kim Mall presents a work at Plattform20. The exhibition shows a selection of artists who graduates from Swiss art schools during the summer of 2019. Plattform has taken place every year in a different host institution since 2017, acting as a testimony to the vitality of the young Swiss scene.

Plattform20, with Melanie Akeret, James Bantone, Sherian Mohammed Forster, Andreas Kalbermatter, Sitara Abuzar Ghaznawi, Tiphanie Kim Mall, Laila Torres Mendieta, Charly Mirambeau, Mélissa Rouvinet, Mia Sanchez, Anita Semadeni, Paulo Wirz.