The Swiss Grand Award for Art / Prix Meret Oppenheim was created in 2001 by the Federal Office of Culture and the Federal Art Commission. It honours achievements in the fields of art, architecture and critique/publishing/exhibition. It is presented to artists and architects, curators and researchers whose work played a key role in enhancing engagement with art and architecture and have fostered cultural dialogue in Switzerland and beyond.
Each award carries prize money of CHF 40,000.

Press kit
Press kits about the recipients of the Swiss Grand Award for Art / Prix Meret Oppenheim 2020 are available in German, French, Italian, and English.

The Federal Office of Culture is publishing the “Prix Meret Oppenheim 2020” featuring portraits of and interviews with the awardees. Tobia Bezzola (art historian, Director of MASI, Lugano) conducts the interview with Marc Bauer; Sonia Zekri (journalist and author, Süddeutsche Zeitung, Frankfurt) interviews Koyo Kouoh; and Jenny Keller (architect and journalist, werk, bauen + wohnen, Zurich) talks to Barbara Buser and Eric Honegger.

ISBN 978-3-9525152-3-5
In German, English and French
Edited by Gina Bucher and Manuela Schlumpf
Graphic design : David Mamie, Nicola Todeschini
Photography : Mehdi Benkler

Free copies of the publication are available and can be ordered by email