Stanislaus von Moos

“I know that any self-respecting architecture critic must emphasize that 90 percent of what is being built today has nothing to do with ‘city’. But we will probably all have to come to terms with the fact that ‘chaos’, precisely because it is so profitable, will continue to be the Swiss and probably also the European city for some time to come.”
Tränen der Architektur [The Tears of Architecture], 1989

“One must also take a step or two aside and look at events from outside the culture within which one operates.”
January 2023

Art historian Stanislaus von Moos is internationally known for his perceptive analyses of built environments shaped by complex historical, political, economic, and ideological agendas. His critiques of material culture thus promote a more profound understanding of the world we live in. Inquisitive and engaged, erudite and entertaining, von Moos’s writings resonate with audiences from within and outside of the academy.