Trailer of the portrait of architects Barbara Buser & Eric Honegger, laureates of the Swiss Grand Award for Art / Prix Meret Oppenheim 2020. The film portraits by Ramòn Giger will be presented in autumn 2020. Direction: Ramòn Giger Music: Kilchhofer Anklin - Zinnen (Moto Perpetuo, Marionette 2019)

Barbara Buser & Eric Honegger

Pioneers of Sustainability. For more than twenty years now, Barbara Buser and Eric Honegger have been concerned with the recycling of architectural elements and the conservation, appropriation and renovation of buildings. Their idea of architecture opposes “starchitecture”. It operates outside of the systems and, to date, is without much competition. Barbara Buser und Eric Honegger convert vacant buildings into living spaces and create new urban structures for entire city districts.

In 1995, Barbara Buser first established the “Bauteilbörse”, an exchange for recycling building components which are no longer used. In 1998, after experiences in countries like Tanzania and the Balkan states, Barbara Buser and Eric Honegger
founded their architectural Baubüro Mitte, which is now called baubüro in situ. For a start, they converted the former offices of the Schweizerische Volksbank in Basel into a workspace and a highly popular café called “Unternehmen Mitte”. In 2000, they founded the Gundeldinger Feld and Kantensprung AG and revived the Gundeldingen quarter by revitalising the industrial area of the former Sulzer Burckhardt factory and its surroundings. Their new projects include the conversion
of the Alte Markthalle in Basel, the Lagerplatz in Winterthur and the Kindl Areal in Berlin.

Barbara Buser and Eric Honegger have established the “unterdessen” (“in the meantime”) association for the temporary use of private property and, together with Tabea Michaelis and Pascal Biedermann, they run the think tank “denkstatt sàrl” which develops projects in urban and rural contexts.