As part of the seminar ‘Practising art criticism’ given by Julia Gelshorn and Sophie Jaussi at the University of Fribourg, students are invited to contribute to the Swiss Art Awards by writing a critical text on the works of the artists selected for the 2023 edition.

Published on the Swiss Art Awards website, this collaboration brings together artists from all over Switzerland with young art history researchers. In addition to producing critical texts, this project links academia with the Swiss Art Awards exhibition and gives students direct access to the Swiss art scene.

This cooperation between the Universities of Zurich, Fribourg and the Swiss Art Awards was launched in 2017 by Léa Fluck, Julia Gelshorn, Henri de Riedmatten and Tristan Weddigen.

Edition 2023 coordinated by Paolo Baggi

James Bantone by Nicolas Horvath (FR)

Jacopo Belloni by Léa Depestel (FR)

collectif_fact by Tiziana Ryter (FR)

Mathias C. Pfund by Meagane E. Zurfluh (FR)

Ernestyna Orlowska by Ikenë Rrustemi (FR)

Noemi Pfister by Mélanie Petermann (FR)